# Okta

The following steps must be taken to integrate Virtuoso with Okta.

1. Start by enabling SAML authentication in Virtuoso by going to Organization settings and activating Enable SAML integration


Keep this window open since Entity ID and IDP redirect URL are going to be necessary to configure Okta.

2. Access your Okta tenant as an administrator

3. In the Admin Console, navigate to Applications > Applications

4. Click Create App Integration

5. Select SAML 2.0

6. Give the application a meaningful name like Virtuoso and click on the Next button

8. Provide the necessary information:

  • Copy Virtuoso Idp redirect URL and Entity Id to the Single sign on URL and Audience URI (SP Entity ID).
  • Set Name ID format to EmailAddress
  • Set Application username to Email

9. Click Next button

10. Select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app

11. Select This is an internal app that we have created

12. Click on Finish

13. Download the metadata by clicking Identity Provider metadata link

14. Upload into Virtuoso the metadata file

13. Click Save and you're done!


Don't forget to assign users to the Okta application.

Last Updated: 3/3/2023, 3:07:36 PM