# Managing projects

You can access this by clicking on the organization icon on the sidebar. It provides an overview of all Projects you can access and the operations available for each:

Project view

On top of the page, you have a button to create more projects and filtering options to control the information presented:

  • Clicking on the New project button will open the Create project page;
  • Use the button group Favorite - Active - Archived to switch between those project categories (by default, if you have at least a favorite project, the UI will preselect this category for you on the first access);

Marking a project as a favorite

To mark a project as favorite, click on the add to favorites icon on the project's card.

  • The date selector allows to refine the projects related statistics shown in the charts for each project;
  • Typing in Search for a project will limit the results shown depending on your input and the category you are seeing at the moment, it filters by the project names at the time you type;
  • On the top right, there is a selector with a sorting icon to sort the list of the projects by certain properties (e.g., sort descending by creation date).

# Interacting with a project from the list

Project card

To access the project, click on the thumbnail on the left side of the project's card or in the project's title, both will redirect you to the project's dashboard page.

The left chart shows a summary of the executions of the project's goals during the period selected in the date filter. The other chart tells you how are the journeys of the project's goals doing within the selected date range (note that journeys executed before the selected date range are marked as not executed).

The right side of the card shows a list of the different resources being used by the project (e.g., number of extensions). Clicking on a resource name will open the management page for that entity (e.g., clicking on extensions will open the Extensions page for that project).

Finally, you can access project-level actions by clicking on the menu icon in the top right corner:

  • Rename opens a modal to change the name of the project;
  • Share shows the project share screen (for more information see Sharing);
  • Clone creates a copy of project;
  • Webhooks redirects you to the Webhooks screen (see Webhooks);
  • Manage project tags opens the tag manager for that project (see Project tags);
  • Add/Remove from Favorites adds or removes the project from your favorites;
  • Archive toggles the archived state of a project. Archived projects are shown clicking on Archived project category on the filters bar and this action is replaced with Restore for an archived project.

If you are an organization owner, you may want to read the Organization management guide where we cover additional sections present on this screen exclusive to owners to manage the organization.

# Sharing

To manage project collaborators:

  1. Open the menu associated with the project you want to share;
  2. Click on the Share option in the drop-down, this will open Share Settings;
  3. Write the e-mail of the person you want to share the project within Add user and press enter;
  4. Click on the Share button.

Virtuoso will then send an email to the emails provided and if the invitee:

  • Has an account: they will receive a notification and be automatically added to the project;
  • Doesn't have an account: they will be prompted to create a new account before they can collaborate in the project.

# Share settings

Share settings view

Share settings allow you to maintain control over project access, giving information such as:

  1. Who as access;
  2. Pending invitations;
  3. Revoke access or pending invitations;
  4. Invite more people by name or email (Virtuoso provides existing users as suggestions);
  5. Select the access level for new project members.
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