# Structure of this guide

The rest of this guide is structured as follows:

  • Introduction to Virtuoso shows how to navigate the dashboard and test applications;
  • Using Virtuoso Managing projects, plans, data-driven and cross-browser testing;
  • Making the most of Virtuoso helps you dig deeper into how you can make the most of Virtuoso by providing details of the virtuoso natural language test syntax, the checkpoint library, the Virtuoso Chrome extension, multi-environment testing, requirements management, snapshot comparison, extending the natural language, organization management, and importing and exporting goals;
  • Advanced topics details Virtuoso's API, webhooks, app ecosystem, bridge, and best practices;
  • FAQ provides a set of question and answers we have frequently come across;
  • Quotas and thresholds gives detailed information about Virtuoso Limits.
  • Changelog provides a history of all latest Virtuoso release notes and improvements.
Last Updated: 6/7/2024, 10:06:48 AM