# Overview

After learning how to Make the most of Virtuoso, this section covers more Advanced Topics. This includes management of Virtuoso organizations, and various other aspects.

The chapter is structured as follows:

  1. Virtuoso API provides details about how you can interact and integrate with Virtuoso's API;

  2. Webhooks allow external services to be notified through a POST request when certain events happen;

  3. Apps and Integrations explains how to expand the capabilities of Virtuoso by integrating it with external applications;

  4. Virtuoso Bridge provides details about how you can set up and use the Virtuoso Bridge to test your local or private application;

  5. Best practices gives information about how Virtuoso's internals work and how they can affect the application being tested;

  6. Single sign-on provides information on how to enable single sign-on in Virtuoso and necessary steps to configure in different platforms;

  7. Client certificates details how to perform executions on Virtuoso using a custom client certificate, enabling you to test certificate-based authentication.

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