# Jobs activity dashboard

Jobs activity dashboard

To access the project activity dashboard, click on the icon.

This page shows executions from your goals. On the left side there are options for filtering and searching, and on the right side, a list of jobs related to your active project. Each job includes information such as the job type, the job goal, and the job duration. If you click on a job, the execution report will open.

Jobs activity dashboard - in progress

# Job filtering

Using the job filters is a useful way of finding specific jobs. One example would be to find failed jobs from a goal from the last seven days. You can combine them as you wish to have a higher level of granularity while searching allowing you to:

  • Use the date picker to control visible jobs by start date;
  • Choose which goals to show information about;
  • Limit the job by outcome (Pending, Successful, Canceled, and Failed);
  • Show only specific job types (e.g., explorations, executions);
  • Filter by tags (see the Project dashboard - Tags for information on how to add tags);
  • Show only jobs that used a specific environment (see Enviroments for reference).

The following image shows an example which filters jobs between 2020-12-07 and 2020-12-08, from goal Organizations and with an outcome Failed:

Jobs activity dashboard - Filter example

Each filter can be reset individually but you can also reset all the filters at once by clicking on Reset all filters on top of the filters section.

# Reuse and share filtering options

The job activity dashboard keeps the filters you select. You can apply some filters, go to an execution report of a job and when you return to the dashboard it will show the same filtering options. You can also share filtering options with your colleagues by copying the URL (e.g., if you apply the filters from the above example, your URL will look like this: https://app.virtuoso.qa/#/project/0/activity?outcome=failed&selectedGoalIds=12345).

Now that you can use filters and share specific views of this dashboard, the next section will present the Journeys dashboard, functionally and visually very similar to this one, but focused on your project journeys.

Last Updated: 1/26/2021, 8:15:55 PM