# Journey quality insights

Test maintenance might become convoluted as soon as the number of journeys you have in Virtuoso starts to grow. However, there are a series of good (and opinionated) practices that you can follow to reduce the maintenance effort. This will not only help to improve your existing journeys but also to create good habits in your organization.

Virtuoso can help you with this matter by analyzing your journeys on-demand and by showing you how well you are doing within your journeys. For example, having relevant assertions at each checkpoint of a journey can help to ensure critical steps have been reached. If you want to get help on improving a specific journey, look for the journey quality insights indicator (between Run from beginning and the Interactive preview icons).

Journey quality insights - indicator

Clicking the indicator will open a side panel where you can see a series of tips and suggestions regarding the current journey you are seeing. This means that all the indications refer to the test steps of the current journey on its current version (the one you are seeing). The tips and suggestions might show in a green state, indicating how well you are doing for that specific point (e.g., "use of explicit waits"), or in a yellow state, saying that you may wish to improve that point (e.g., "use of assertions").

Journey quality insights - panel

Each point marked as yellow (needs improving) will include a button at the end saying What can I do?. If you click it, Virtuoso will show you further information about the reasoning behind this advice and how to move to a green state.

Journey quality insights - modal

# Example: use of assertions needs improving

  1. Imagine that your journey can be improved in terms of Use of assertions (e.g., that point is showing as yellow);
  2. Clicking on What can I do? explains that adding assertions to your checkpoints will ensure a valid state in your application before running the following test steps of the next checkpoints;
  3. Now that you are aware and understand that there is something to improve in your journey, you can work on it by adding a few relevant assertions to the end of your checkpoints validating the expected state of your testing application before moving to the next checkpoints;
  4. During your rework, you can check at any time the journey quality insights panel to assess your progress;
  5. Once you are happy with the work made, you may wish to execute your journey once again (e.g., Run from beginning) to confirm that all your changes to the journey work as expected.
Last Updated: 3/7/2023, 2:35:19 PM