# Single sign-on

Single Sign-On (SSO), is an authentication scheme that allows a user to log in with a single ID to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

Single Sign-On

# Global SSO Settings

Google Sign-On Settings

Slug: The slug allows the configuration of your unique Virtuoso URL, if the slug is configured as <slug> the unique login URL will be https://app.virtuoso.qa/#/<slug>/login.

Enforce SSO Authentication: Enable this option if you want to force SSO authentication (Google or SAML) for your unique Virtuoso URL disabling the password URL.

Enable SAML integration: Toggle this option if you want to enable authentication through a SAML identity provider. Further configuration is needed to activate this option.

Mandatory slug

SSO / SAML authentication options are only available if your organization already has a slug configured. Otherwise, the toggles to activate them will appear as disabled.

Multi-organization users

The enforcing of SSO authentication will work only for your organization. If a user belongs to several organizations they will still be able to login with the options supported by the other organizations.

# Google SSO

If your organization uses Google as the email provider you can now login with your Google account in Virtuoso.

Google Sign-On

When performing the login this way, Virtuoso asks Google to confirm your identify using OAuth, and retrieves the email address from the google account matching it with the email in Virtuoso.


SAML SSO in Virtuoso can be configured to work with any SAML provider. Below, you'll find a list of tutorials with the necessary steps to configure SSO for the most common SAML authentication providers.

If your organization does not use any of the previous SAML providers, you can try setting up SSO with with the help of these generic instructions and your identity provider documentation.

Can't find my SSO provider

If your organization is using a different SSO provider that you wish Virtuoso supported please register your interest with Virtuoso 's Customer Success

SAML exclusivity

Users belonging exclusively to SAML SSO organization will not be able to login with password.

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