# Creating and exploring the first goal

Important core concepts:

When arriving at an empty project or when you want to test specific parts of an application you can create a new goal. To do so you have to:

  1. Click on the New goal button on the top right of the Project dashboard - Overview;
  2. Give the goal a name (e.g., Google);
  3. Add a URL in the Starting point field (e.g., https://google.com, google.com).

This is the minimum information that Virtuoso needs to create a goal, there are more settings that you can tweak later by editing the goal and accessing Advanced settings that are covered by this documentation later.

Fill goal information


The device selector presented on this page only allows the selection of resolution and orientation. The mobile and desktop variants are only placeholders currently, and custom device support is available after the creation of the goal (in Execution plan creation and with the Advanced execution option under the goal's menus)

After filling in the goal information, there are two possible actions (two buttons at the bottom of the page), clicking on:

  • Create & add first journey will create the goal, with a single journey composed of a checkpoint with a test step added (Navigate to <goal starting point>). This action will not explore the website and will not launch any kind of Virtuoso job;
  • Create & explore Goal will start an exploration of your application and the UI will be updated as it progresses.

Desktop notifications

If you have Desktop notifications enabled, you will receive a message when the exploration finishes even while working with other applications.

Goal is running exploration

After these steps, you should have an exploration report with the pages discovered and tests generated by Virtuoso which can be executed (covered by Executing tests tutorial).

Last Updated: 12/21/2020, 10:36:38 AM