# Exploring a goal further

After running an exploration job for a goal, you can explore graph nodes further, discovering new pages and creating more tests. If Virtuoso comes across a domain not covered by the current goal being explored, it will not explore that domain further (for that you need to create a new goal targeting that domain). To explore the graph further, you have to:

  1. Go to the Goal view by clicking on the goal's name in the Project dashboard;
  2. Open the on exploration options by clicking on icon on the top right;
  3. Choose Explore all checkpoints further or Explore selected checkpoints further (click on the icon on top of the journeys list to see the checkpoints list).

Explore all further

While exploring all checkpoints further can be an interesting option to increase the number of nodes explored, it comes at the cost of being slower and creating more tests that may not be needed to achieve the testing goals.

Specially on applications that branch into multiple checkpoints from the main page, a more targeted Explore selected checkpoints further will provide tests for the checkpoints that are important to the user using less resources overall.

  1. Wait for the exploration to finish;

Job limits

Currently, only one job (e.g., Exploration) per goal can run at a time, with the exception of Executions.

# Exploring further from the application graph

You can explore further using the current graph:

  1. Go to the Goal view by clicking on the goal's name in the Project dashboard;
  2. Open the application graph tab;
  3. Right click on a graph node representing the page to explore and choose Explore from this page;

Exploring further - Explore from this page

After these steps the Application graph will present more information about the goal explored. It is possible to manually explore too, go to Adding a checkpoint and test steps to learn about manually adding test steps.

Last Updated: 10/18/2021, 7:20:06 AM