# V-Capture

Virtuoso's browser extension helps you build journeys faster when your application is already built, by simply recording your interactions as you naturally walk through the journey.

# Installing the extension

To install open the Virtuoso extension page on the Google Chrome Webstore, click Add to Chrome, and then confirm the permissions.

# Getting started

After installing the extension, you will see a Virtuoso icon on the extensions section of your Chrome browser. If it is there, you are ready to start capturing test steps.

# Capturing

Create a new goal or visit an existing goal from the project dashboard and then enter a journey.

You can start capturing at any point of the journey, mouse over a test step, and click on Start capturing.


Once capturing starts, you will see your web application rendered on the right-side panel. You can interact with it and Virtuoso will start to write NLP test steps for those interactions in the current journey.

You can stop and start capturing at a different point of the journey at any time by clicking on Stop capturing followed by clicking Start capturing after the step of the journey you want to continue capturing from.

Writing in text fields

In order for a write action to be correctly captured, it is important that you press tab or switch to another element before clicking another button/link. This is because the HTML change event may not correctly be triggered.

By default, your target website should load without any problem on the right-side panel but there are some cases where things might not work properly due to restrictions of the underlying application (internal frames work as a sandbox and come with some limitations). If your website does not work properly, click on Open in Popup button, and a floating window will appear with your website.

Popup mode

Using the popup mode will help you in those cases where the internal frame faces some limitations. Virtuoso will capture your actions made on this new window while you are interacting with your application's user interface. You can also stop and start capturing again without closing the popup.

# Selecting mode

In addition to the capturing functionality, you can copy an element selector to the browser clipboard by using the selection mode. To do this, press the Select button to activate the selecting mode, mouse over the element you want to select, and click it. When you click, V-Capture will copy the selector to the clipboard.


# Updating the extension

The extension will auto-update from Google Chrome Webstore, however, in case you wish to force an update manually, you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions in your browser's nav bar (or go to Extension settings);
  2. Toggle Developer mode to on;
  3. Press the Update button, and wait while the browser forces an update;
  4. Make sure the extension version in the Details section of your extensions settings matches (or is higher than) the version number displayed on the Webstore page.

# Limitations

  • The extension currently only supports Click and Write actions. Selecting elements from dropdowns, etc. are not supported;
  • Actions taken by keyboard are not supported (e.g., pressing enter on a button will not be recorded as a click);
  • Journeys that involve multiple windows/tabs are not supported (e.g., if clicking a link opens up a pop-up, or you need to perform some action on another website during the journey, this is not supported).

To overcome any of these issues, you can simply continue to add these steps using our natural language interface.

Last Updated: 6/28/2021, 2:36:38 PM