# V-Capture (Virtuoso Browser Extension)

The browser extension enables Virtuoso users to record and replay (coming soon) end-to-end journeys.

# Installing the extension

To install open the Virtuoso extension page on the Google Chrome Webstore, click ADD TO CHROME, and then confirm the permissions.


The extension is "unlisted" and cannot be searched on the Google Chrome Webstore. Please refrain from sharing the extension URL with anyone externally, unless you have explicit permission from your manager.

# Getting started

After installing the extension, you'll see a Virtuoso icon Virtuoso icon on the extension section of your Chrome browser. You can access the extension by clicking on it.

# Login

The extension may ask you to login to Virtuoso if you're not logged in already. You can do this by clicking the login link, Login to Virtuoso, and then opening the extension again.

# Starting a recording and project / goal selection

You can start recording by selecting a project/goal pair, and pressing the start button. A window will automatically pop-up, with the goal's starting point and corresponding window size. You can then follow your journey normally on the opened browser window.

Writing in text fields

In order for a write action to be correctly recorded, it's important that you press tab or switch to another element before clicking another button/link. This is because the HTML change event may not correctly be triggered.

Note: Unexplored goals

Virtuoso does not allow journeys to be recorded if a goal is not explored at least once.

# Saving your journey

Once you've completed your recording, you can re-open the extension, and see your recorded journey. If you're satisfied with the recording, you can give the journey a name, and then click "Submit". After submission, you'll be given a link to go to review and commit the recorded journey on Virtuoso.

Reviewing and committing the recorded journey

Journeys recorded by the extension are not committed automatically. You need to first review the changes and once satisfied, commit it.

# Changing environment Optional / Advanced

If you are working with a Virtuoso environment that is not staging (for example, dev or demo), you can switch your environment by clicking the options icon and select another environment. This will require you to login to that environment.

For environments not listed you can use the custom endpoint followed by the initial part of the environment URL until .virtuoso.qa (including the https protocol part). For example, if you are accessing to https://app.virtuoso.qa you would want the custom endpoint to have the following:

Custom endpoint for https://app.virtuoso.qa

# Updating the extension

The extension will auto-update from Google Chrome Webstore, however, this is not done immediately after a deployment is made by the development team. To force an update you can do the following:

  1. Navigate to chrome://extensions in your browser's nav bar (or go to Extension settings)
  2. Toggle Developer mode to be on
  3. Press the Update button, and wait for a short while the browser forces an update.
  4. Make sure the extension version in the Details section of your extensions settings matches (or is higher than) the version number displayed on the Webstore page.

# Limitations

  • The extension currently only supports Click and Write actions. Selecting elements from dropdowns, etc. are not supported.
  • Actions taken by keyboard are not supported (e.g., pressing enter on a button will not be recorded as a click).
  • Journeys that involve multiple windows/tabs are not supported. E.g., if clicking a link opens up a pop-up, or you need to perform some action on another website during the journey, this is not supported.
Last Updated: 3/31/2020, 6:27:17 PM